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Featured Jute Rug


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Experts in Jute Rugs


Think Jute- Think Green

What do you think of when you think of jute? Twine perhaps? Lines on the schooners of days gone by? Jute has an interesting international history and jute rugs may just be the latest and dare we say greatest in the ongoing story of one of the oldest and most versatile materials. A rain-fed crop, jute has little or no need for pesticides or fertilizers and so none are used, making it an eco-friendly crop and material. The jute rug is soft underfoot and completely natural. Jute is actually a vegetable fiber
that can be spun into strong threads. It’s one of the most affordable natural fibers and believe it or not, only second to cotton in not only the variety of uses, but in the amount produced around the world.

Jute Area Rugs

Our artisans handcraft beautiful jute rugs, using a variety of techniques to create an array of lovely styles and shapes. Our jute rugs are free from dyes and so you’re really getting a natural, healthy product that looks beautiful, feels great and is eco-friendly and sustainable. Many people ask us about cleaning jute rugs. Our advice: never use water and don’t steam clean them. They are low maintenance and long lasting, but don’t mix well with water. Whether you’re looking for a round jute rug, a wool jute rug or a sisal jute rug, you’ve come to the right place.

Durable and Elegant

Jute fiber is known for its strength and it’s even stronger when woven into fabric and made into jute rugs. Jute rugs add style and comfort to any room as jute rugs are among the finest and softest floor coverings available.
This makes our jute rugs ideal for areas of your house with moderate daily traffic including living rooms, bedroom and home offices. They are aesthetically pleasing and they really add a touch of sophistication and class.

Classic Look, Artisanal Techniques and Modern Technology

Jute rugs blend tradition and practicality. Nature provides the variety of color and fiber thickness, traditional artisans weave the rugs and together they create a product that meets today’s standards of green; healthy for the individual and good for the environment. We’re proud to bring you this
outstanding collection of natural jute rugs.

Great Selection, Excellent Prices

We’ve got a great selection of jute area rugs - the best you’ll find anywhere and at the best prices too.

Why Shop With Us? Because Quality and Service Count!

We’re a small family owned business and we’re committed to your satisfaction. Providing you great customer service is very important to us. We’re not happy unless you’re satisfied. Period. End of story. We stock everything you see on our site and we ship quickly. We know you want your jute rugs to arrive right away and in perfect condition – another great reason to shop with us.

Great service, great selection, beautiful jute rugs. That’s!

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In addition to Jute Rugs, we also specialize in Bamboo Rugs and Seagrass Rugs